About me

Art, in many forms, has always been a huge part of my life. Any act of creation and expression of creativity is my passion. Unlike many photographers, I didn't get into photography until after I graduated college when I began photographing weddings with my best friend and mentor Michelle. Since then, I have slowly fallen in love with the art form and it is one from which I draw immense inspiration. 

After reading My Side Of The Mountain when I was a young girl, my dream was to live in a redwood tree in the mountains with a trusty dog best friend. Moving to Colorado helped me live out that dream, at least for a few years, and I soaked up as much mountain beauty as I could. I will always have a spirit of wanderlust, and you will see this reflected in my work. 

I now live in Houston, TX, where I was born and raised. Currently, I am a member of the Michelle Able Photography team as a Wedding Photographer. In addition, I am always able to find inspiration and excitement in art direction, food and product styling and photography. Stunning and unique projects are my favorite. Let's create something together!

Photo by Michelle Able Photography